Funding Opportunities

There are a variety of environmental funding opportunities for agricultural businesses available. Receiving funding for environmental projects can help you increase profits for low yielding or marginal land. As the Basic Payment Scheme phases out slowly, completely stopping by 2027, these opportunities become even more important.

For business advice head to the Farm advisers Directory to contact advisers or land agents and to contact funders or upload a piece of your land onto our centralised map, login to the site.

For more information on funding opportunities, see below.

Central Government Funding:

Central Government have a variety of schemes that mean you can be paid for delivering specific environmental outcomes. The main scheme is Countryside Stewardship – which will eventually be replaced by one of the three Environmental Land Management Schemes in 2024.

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Funding from Environmental Organisations and Charities:

Other local and national organisations are also providing funds for environmental projects.

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Accredited Ecosystem Services:

There are a variety of ‘Ecosystem Services’ that you are able to accumulate credits for and sell to interested individuals. The most well known UK standards are the Woodland Carbon Code and the Peatland Carbon Code. (For more information on Ecosystem Services, watch this video).

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Useful links and resources

Guidance and links to assist your project and engage with Cornwall’s environment and economic development.

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