About Daras

Welcome to ‘Daras’ – or ‘door’ in Cornish. Our Cornwall focused platform is a meeting place for landowners, farm advisers and organisations that wish to fund environmental projects.

We aim to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for funding opportunities and agricultural advice. By logging in, you gain access to our interactive platform, where you are able to view relevant funding opportunities and/or upload a land offer onto a centralised map to be viewed by potential funding streams. Alternatively, if you wish to fund environmental projects, you can view ‘live’ land offers on the centralised map and upload funding opportunities.

The development of Daras was steered by the Cornwall Catchment Partnership and funded by Cornwall Council, the Environment Agency and Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Cornwall Catchment Partnership was established in 2014 and is working to secure a sustainable, clean water environment throughout Cornwall for people and wildlife.

Collaboration sits at the heart of the Partnership’s approach as a key mechanism to better integrate decision making and ‘on the ground’ delivery in relation to water and the environment. The Catchment Partnership is committed to working with farmers and land managers to meet the challenges of our climate and ecological emergencies, to build resilience in local communities and to help farm businesses successfully transition post-Brexit to productive, profitable enterprises that are working in partnership with their local communities, private businesses and stakeholder organisations to help us all meet future environmental challenges.

Daras is a first step in exploring opportunities for ‘blended’ or ‘stackable’ finance so that farmers and landowners can receive income from more than one source for the public goods offered. It will also provide a means through which strategic organisations can communicate funding opportunities directly to the farming community for interventions such as those which will help to reduce surface water runoff and flood risk.

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